Needs Assessment
Writing A Business Plan
Delivery Models
Inter-Disciplinary Team
Program Operations
Quality Assessment

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Defining Objectives (session 1 worksheet 1)

From a list of Possible Palliative Care Program Objectives, the user of this worksheet will be able to rank their objectives and that of their institution.
February 2002

Additional Resources

Identifying Stakeholders (session 1 worksheet 2)
Creating an array that broadly identifies people who may be stakeholders is an important step in developing a program design, an approval strategy, and an implementation strategy. The above sheets focus on a “first cut” to help identify players.

Drafting your “dream teams” (session 1 worksheet 3)
Planning for Structure: Committees and Workgroups. This 3 page form builds upon the Identifying Stakeholders worksheet by asking the user to identify appropriate people for a Steering Committee, a Design Workgroup and a Proposed Team.

Summary Program Assessment (Session 3)
Summary questionaire to assess the goals, scale, needs, type, obstacles, measurements of success, Roles and Responsibilities of a palliative care program.

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