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Palliative Care Leadership Centers

Palliative Care Leadership Centers

The aim of the Palliative Care Leadership Centers (PCLCs) is to disseminate knowledge about sustainable models for palliative care delivery in the hospital and other health care settings by connecting palliative care programs that render exemplary care with other health care institutions that seek to develop similar state-of-the-art capabilities. The PCLCs are funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

The tremendous growth of and interest in the field over the past several years has resulted in the demand among interested clinicians and administrators for more hands-on technical assistance with building and sustaining palliative care programs. To meet this demand, six institutions from different care delivery settings with exemplary palliative care programs are being selected through a grant application process to offer in-depth educational training programs to help newer palliative care advocates successfully jump-start programs.

Once established, the PCLCs will:

  • Offer site visits for interdisciplinary teams from other organizations seeking to develop or strengthen their own palliative care programs;
  • Provide structured training and education during the site visits on key operational issues, such as: organizational and service models; financing and business planning; hospital-hospice collaborations; staffing; and systems to track patients and outcomes;

  • Provide continued guidance and distance mentoring to site visitors; and follow-up on the planning, implementation and long-term management of these nascent palliative care programs.

  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CAPC, and PCLC grantees will work closely together to ensure that we meet our ambitious goal: each PCLC will foster the development of 50-100 new programs, resulting in a total of 150-300 robust new palliative care programs across the country.

    We are currently in the process of reviewing proposals for funding. Please check back in July for a complete list of grantee institutions, information about their palliative care programs, and the site visit curriculum.


    Please contact [email protected] with questions or comments.


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