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The Economics of Palliative Care: An Overview

How to Fund Your Palliative Care Program
Opening Session / Introduction
June 2002, Seattle, WA
Bruce C. Vladeck, PhD
PowerPoint Presentation
June 23rd, 2002

Bruce Vladeck, PhD

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Billing for the Professional Services of Physicians
How to Fund Your Palliative Care Program
Concurrent Session A
June 2002, Seattle, WA
Charles F. von Gunten, MD, PhD. FACP
PowerPoint Presentation

Palliative Care: An Opportunity for Medicare
CAPC--funded report, Palliative Care: An Opportunity for Medicare, has been published and recently disseminated by CAPC. The publication focuses on regulatory and administrative changes that could be made by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services.

Data Collection Tool for Hospital Utilization and Cost Patterns

Physician Payment for Medicare Care Plan Oversight
IBC Government Services * Fiscal Intermediary

Payment Methods to Hospitals
Definitions, Characteristics and Implications

Payments to Physicians for Services Provided Concurrently by More than One Physician
Medicare Part B Carriers Manual Section 2020

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Bruce Vladeck, PhD

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