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Writing A Business Plan
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Inter-Disciplinary Team
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Pastoral Care/Chaplaincy
Program Operations
Quality Assessment

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Advanced Practice Nurses in Palliative Care: Roles, Education and Certification

A CAPC Fall Forum 2001 Workshop
October 2001, Chicago, IL
PowerPoint Presentation

Deborah W. Sherman, RN, Phd, Margaret Campbell, RN, MSN, CS

Additional Resources

Billing from the Professional Services of Advanced Practice Nurses
How to Fund Your Palliative Care Program
Concurrent Session B
June 2002, Seattle, WA
Constance Dahlin, RNCS, ANP
PowerPoint Presentation

Analysis of Pain Content in Nursing Textbooks
Improving end-of-life care in nursing education

End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC)
A comprehensive national education program to develop a core of expert nursing educators for EOL.

Other Resources By

Deborah W. Sherman, RN, Phd

Margaret Campbell, RN, MSN, CS

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