Palliative Care Nursing

Palliative Care Nursing is gift to the society. The entire concept of Palliative Care Nursing revolves round love, care, kindness, dignity and appreciation for life. Palliative Care Nursing aims in easing the stress, grief and pain that comes along with the knowledge of acute illness and imminent death. So, Palliative Care Nursing tries to make the most terrible and unwanted experience a gentle and dignified one.

Palliative Care Nursing is very much in need in the present century. Palliative Care Nursing assists the physicians to make the treatment of the patient the most effective and pleasant one. It helps not only the patient but also his family. It aims to fill the patient's mind with hope and courage. It enables the patient's family to endure the traumas they have to suffer due to the acute illness of their dearest member. Palliative Care Nursing is a labor of care and love. It aims to take the sorrows and grieves of others and sooth and ease it with care and love.

Palliative Care Nursing provides relief from the stress, pain and symptoms of the acute illness. It helps the patient to come into terms with his condition with hope and courage. It affirms the dignity of life and the inevitability of death. It integrates the physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of care for a patient. It helps the patient and his family to live a normal life during the course of treatment and even afterwards. It helps to reduce the side effects of the treatment like nausea, difficulty to sleep, loss of appetite etc.

Palliative Care Nursing also helps in effective communication between the patient and the doctor or his family. It helps the patient and his family in making decisions regarding the course of treatment to be pursued. It helps in making the treatment smooth and comfortable. It is a great service and blessing to modern society.


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